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I study Computer Science student at Aberdeen University in the U.K. I'm currently in my third year.

I enjoy programming - Ruby & Rails is a lot of fun. I recently completed a summer internship with Unboxed Consulting, a Rails consultancy in London.

I don't often blog but did recently. Take a look here to take a read. I need to try and get back into posting more often

I enjoy a good film, listen to music and play games like everyone else.

While I do enjoy runningfurther the weekly Parkrun tends to be less damaging. I now also run as part of the Aberdeen University Athletics Club.

I'm an Apple fan that owned an Android - until iPhone 6 - and an Xbox fan who just bought a PS4.



Other charlieegan3s: Twitter ● GitHub ● Tumblr ● stackoverflow ● Gists ● Parkrun ● MacRumors ● Google+ ● Instagram ● foursquare ● flickr ● Geekbench ● Steam ● PSN ● LinkedIn

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This summer, July through September, I completed a summer internship at Unboxed Consulting - a Rails Consultancy in...

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