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I'm a third year computer science student at the University of Aberdeen in the U.K.

I enjoy programming - Rails is a lot of fun. I recently completed a summer internship with Unboxed Consulting, a Rails consultancy in London.

I enjoy a good film, listen to music and play games as much as the next guy.

While I do enjoy runningfurther the weekly Parkrun tends to be less painful!

I don't have LinkedIn


dotcom charlieegan3 goes #bootstrap free11 days ago

I've now had 3 repairs totalling £1798, all covered under extended warranty (student AppleCare). That's over 80% of the 2012 purchase price.24 days ago

My 1 week old, 3yr, 16-25 Railcard just paid for itself 2x over one set of tickets.about 1 month ago

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Blog Posts

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Digesting News with Twitter and IFTTTI’ve been trying to cut down on the time I spend reading news for a long time, I even built my own Ruby news aggregator and summariser...4 months ago

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